While Black Sheep Enterprises is tucked away in southern Wisconsin, they didn't start there. Pat and Les Niles met at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Les graduated with a BS Agriculture with an emphasis in agronomy and soil sciences. Pat also graduated with a BS Agriculture but with an emphasis in Horticultural Crop Production. Their love of agriculture and for each other grew. Once married, they started a family and both worked in agriculture. They have worked with large corporations like Del Monte and helped farms going under get back on their feet. They have also worked as consultants for Midwest BioAg and been involved with organic and biodynamic farms and non-profits.

Current Adventures

Currently operations are based out of Jefferson. The farm is home to seasonal veggies, culinary flowers, herbs, grain production, our fresh wheat grass, an orchard, and heritage breeds of geese, turkeys, chickens and sheep. New projects are also being developed (details found in the blog) every year. Each new project helps the farm develop a more ideal picture of sustainable agriculture. We love the new challenges and opportunities that this mission provides us and our customers. We strive to be stewards of the land while providing what our customers need.



Just like the black sheep stands out in the herd and seems special, BlackSheep Enterprises strives to stand out against the corporate run farms and the new wave of organics. They do this by maintaining high standards, compassion for the environment and their community, and remembering the connections that keep our world together.
They are always looking for new connections and friends; they would love to hear from you! Click on Contact Us to get in touch to ask any questions or give them any suggestions.